An easy way to Review Pull Requests from Github in Android Studio

  1. Go to Preferences in Android Studio, find Version Control and then inside version control click on Github.
  2. Here you have multiple options to add github account:
    If you want to add Non-enterprise GitHub account then just click on Add Account or ‘+’ sign.
Add Github account
Add Github account
Generate Token for Github

View Pull Requests

  1. For Android Studio before Arctic Fox: on Android studio top menu click VCS -> Git -> View Pull Request
    For Android Studio Arctic Fox: On Android studio top menu click Git -> Github -> View Pull Request
  2. Android studio will open a new window that is pinned to the right of the pane. You can now click on the Open Pull Requests and review PRs.
  3. Now you can add comments and click on submit review, it will automatically post it on GitHub.
  4. You will see parallel windows for code difference of each file.




Android dev | Data Scientist | Researcher

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Hafiz Faraz Tariq

Hafiz Faraz Tariq

Android dev | Data Scientist | Researcher

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